Our story

Our company is a family business of selling fashionable women’s clothes from Italy and France. We were founded in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania in 1991. It all started with opening several stores that sold women’s and men’s clothing and shoes in Vilnius. Those stores were quite popular among buyers for a long time.

In 2000, due to the bad state of the economy in Lithuania we were forced to close our shops and began to focus on women’s clothing wholesale in the foreign markets Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. Because of the good relationships with manufacturers, favorable conditions, and long-term and high-quality experience in the fashion industry our company became the official representative and distributor of many well-known European brands, selling exclusively women’s clothing. Thus came the name Fashion Service.

We represent the following brands: Max Mara, Marian Mehlhorn, Charmline, Watercult, Lidea, Wacoal, Donne Da Sogno, Goldme, Eleonora Amadei, Sorriso, Hazard Couture, Lener, Diambre, Lincalor, Moretta, Mare, Ysabel Mora, Freya, Fantasie, Plinio Visona, Rebecca, Lisca. Our company takes part in international exhibitions in Italy, France, Germany and Ukraine.

The purposes of our work:

• to help customers find the right product;

• to help make the correct order for your target segment;

• to help client receive goods within the shortest term possible;

• to help manufacturers find their buyer and vice versa.

Our customers and manufacturers trust us, and in turn we try to make all parties happy about the cooperation. We fairly solve conflict situations, control the goods path from the factory to the client. We guarantee a loyal customer to the manufacturer, and a quality product to the customer!